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Do U need U-Tubes Bent for Heat Exchangers?

Albina is currently bending:
259 lengths x 20 ft of 3/4″ OD X .049″ WALL T304 S/S.
279 lengths x 33 ft of 1″ OD X .049″ WALL ASTM B338 GRADE 7 SMLS
858 lengths x 30 ft of 1″ OD X .065″ WALL Zr702

For these heat exchanger “u-tube” projects we bend to various radii configurations and all bends are at 180°. After bending, we always trim both ends of the bend, deburr the ends after trimming, wash the ID of the tubing and securely package the bent tubes in custom made wooden crates. All of the bends are bent and checked to RDB-2.31 and ASME Section II-B, SB-163, S1.2.3 standards for wall thinning and ovailty. If high quality bends that won’t fail are required, industrial companies know to come to Albina. Do U? See some U-Tube bends below.

Steel U Tube Heat Exchanger Bends

Tight Radii Boxed Steel U Tubes

Steel U Tube Heat Exchanger Bends

Steel U Tubes Packaged in Custom Wooden Crate

Steel U Tube Heat Exchanger Bends

Close Up of Bent Steel U-Tubes

Cargo Heating Pipe Coils Bent for Barge Tanks

Albina is much more than just a structural bending facility. We service ALL industries that might require bent steel.
Recently Albina was involved with a large industrial application where we orovided Cargo Heating Pipe Coils for tanks in barges.

We were responsible for bending, trimming and washing each of the 488 lengths x 40 ft 2″ SCH40 SA106B SMLS to net 880 pcs. All bends were made to a 6” center-line-radius and our quality control department had to 100% QC parts to make sure the backwall thinning of the material was not below .079” and that ovality of the material was minimized.

After processing the first phase of this project the customer immediately placed 3 more releases as they were pleased with the quality, fair pricing, communication and customer service offered by Albina.

Can Our Bent Steel Products be used for Post-Tensioning for Bridges?

While we would prefer a bridge to be constructed of mostly curved steel, steel can still add value in the construction of a concrete bridge. Post-tensioning is a form of “prestressing”, meaning that the steel is stressed (pulled or tensioned) before the concrete has to support the service loads. A typical steel strand used for post-tensioning has a diameter of 15.7mm and a tensile strength around four times higher than an average non-prestressed piece of rebar. Albina completed a recent project consisting of 300,000# of 3-1/2″-5″ OD pipe bent, cut, trimmed, weld marked and galvanized for thousands of pieces for a post tensioning piping (conduit) for a local bridge project. Our bent steel is then placed in a sheath or duct. This allows it to move as necessary when the tensioning force is applied after the concrete cures. The steel stretches as it is tensioned and it is locked into place, thus maintaining the force in the strand for the life of the structure.

Please reference the following article written by BBR VT International LTD. to learn more about the benefits of post-tensioning, the different types of post-tensioning and how it is installed. You can also reference or the Post Tensioning Institute for more information.

pipe bending, tube bending, conduit bends

pipe bending, tube bending, conduit bends

Helical, Elliptical and Parabolic Bent 3-1/2″ Sch40 Steel Pipe for Wind Sculpture

A customer recently called us and asked if we were ready for a difficult steel bending project out of 3½” Sch40 pipe.  The project was for a Wind Sculpture in Oak Harbor Washington.  The designer was hopeful that the material could be bent to countless radii and configurations.  Some of the radii are elliptical, some bends are compound, some bends are helical bent, the list goes on.  Once Albina reviewed the drawings we jumped at the opportunity to perform.  The experts at Albina make the seemingly impossible bending projects, possible.

Helical, Elliptical and Parabolic Bent 3-1/2" Sch40 Steel Pipe

Helical, Elliptical and Parabolic Bent 3-1/2″ Sch40 Steel Pipe

Steel Bending for Marine, Locomotive, Automotive & Agricultural Applications

Curved steel is not just used to create architecturally aesthetically pleasing buildings, it is also used in smaller manufacturing applications that require consistent, accurate and repeatable bends to create parts. Albina bends steel parts for aircrafts, boat trailers, boats,agricultural farming equipment and automotive applications. We have recently done several steel bends for light rail and electric bus and car applications. Our bends are used on Locomotive frames, boat frames, deck rails and even components for homeland security helping to protect our docks and ports.

steel bending for locomotive

Steel Bending for Locomotive Application

Steel Bending for Agricultural Application

Steel Bending for Agricultural Application

Steel Bending for Automotive Application

Steel Bending for Automotive Application

steel bending for marine

Steel Bending for Marine Application

Curved Steel Bends for Marine and Locomotive Parts In Honor of Veterans Day

In honor of Veteran’s Day, I thought I would share a PT-658 boat restoration project that Albina Co., Inc. participated in. Albina bends and curves steel parts used on locomotive frames, boat frames, deck rails and even components for homeland security helping to protect our docks and ports. One example includes, PT-658, the last remaining operable PT boat from World War II. Albina bent and donated 3/4″ Sch40 Bare pipe bends to form a protective railing for the deck mounted guns and 5” OD x .120” wall stainless steel exhaust tubing for the Packard Diesel engines and 1/2” OD x .065” wall T304 stainless steel bends (coils) around the 5” OD stainless material to cool the extremely hot exhaust tubes.

steel bending for pt boat WWII

steel bending for pt boat WWII

steel bending for pt boat WWII

steel bending for pt boat WWII

steel bending for marine

steel bending for marine application

steel bending for locomotive

steel bending for locomotive

Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles Florida

Albina produced the elevator garage doors, the door frames, the upper/lower sills and several other parts for the safe operation of the door system for the Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles, Florida. Shaped like a piston driven into sand, the concrete-and-glass Porsche Design Tower will contain three car elevators. Each can whisk a convertible up 60 stories and then slide it into the owner’s personal steel-reinforced garage. This project required a high level of quality and accuracy to the fabricated parts due to the application and the high visibility of the door itself. The doors are in the condominium and are very visible. This project had its hurdles to overcome but working together with our customer, we were able to resolve the issues and provide quality parts. The materials on the project ranged from 14ga sheet steel to ½” thick plate components and a TS 3” x 2” x .120” wall rolled tube frame. Several parts required bending, the tube steel, the ½” plate for lower sill, the 3/8” plate for the roller braces and some ¼” plate for the upper sill. The accuracy of bending was critical because all of these parts work together to make the door, the upper and lower sill and the sides of the door frame. When rolling we maintained a 1/16” +/- tolerance measured at the mid-ordinate (MO) over a 9ft chord.

Porsche Design Tower Car Elevator-3

Porsche Design Tower Car Elevator-2

Porsche Design Tower Car Elevator-1

Bending Bulb Flat Material

Albina Co., Inc. is an industry leader in bending bulb flat material.  Albina has been a supplier of bent bulb flat material for ship and barge building applications for the past 3 decades.  With the ability to bend bulb stem in and bulb stem out, Albina can take care of any of your stiffener needs for your next barge or shipbuilding project.  If you are unfamiliar with bulb flat material, it is a hot rolled product that looks like flat bar with one end having a “stem” sticking out.  Tata Steel referenced on their web site that bulb flat is far superior to other forms of steel (i.e. angle or flat bar) for stiffeners in both ship and barge building projects.  Tata went on to indicated the following:

“Cost savings begin from the moment you specify bulb flats for your project. These profiles have an excellent strength to weight ratio, a low paint area with no need for edge grinding prior to painting and require fewer lugs compared with alternative plate stiffeners.  In-service costs are also reduced for the life of the vessel or structure. That’s because the rounded edges of bulb flats minimize paint degradation and their shape prevents the buildup of corrosive debris. They are also easy to access for inspection, cleaning and maintenance.”

“The special shape of bulb flat profiles delivers an unrivalled strength-to-weight ratio, giving you the desired buckling resistance at a lower weight than is possible with flat bars or structural angles.”

If you are working on a barge or ship building project and require stiffeners, call Albina, we are experts in bending bulb flat material.

High Demand for Bent Steel Parts in the Hi-Tech Industry

Albina Co., Inc. has recently been awarded the bending for a hi-tech data storage facility. Albina did a great deal of steel bends for a previous data storage facility completed in 2012. The most recent data storage facility is scheduled for completion next month.

The bending for the recent data storage facility amounts to almost 150,000# of structural steel and HSS. The bending for this project is very difficult and certainly needs to be processed by a bending expert. The first project came to Albina as our customer had 100% confidence in our abilities to perform as promised. With the first project being a smashing success for our customer we were awarded the bending for the second (and larger) Data Center.

Materials on this project consist of the following:

TS 8” x 4” x .375” wall rolled the Hard-Way to a very tight 11’ 2½” outside radius. Tolerances for these parts are critical and are being checked to a full scale layout.

W14 X 26# A992 being split to W7 x 13# and also rolled to an 11’ 2½” outside radius.

W12 X 22# A992 being split to W6 x 11# and rolled to a matching 11’ 2½” outside radius.

This is a fast track project. Our valued customer came to us with tight schedule requirements. Albina has committed to working day and night shifts (including weekends) to help expedite the project and meet our customer’s needs.

When dealing with Albina anything is seemingly possible!

Albina’s Involvement in Tunnel Shoring Projects

Albina provides bent and curved steel components to assist with infrastructure improvements all over the US and Canada. These projects are critical to strengthening and/or improving our tunnels (pedestrian, auto/train, utilities, etc), mines, bridges, roads, water wells, concrete support columns, etc. Albina provides bent steel components to various fabricators and end users to meet the requirements for their numerous applications / needs- most of these projects are critical in nature and partially or fully supported with federal stimulus funds. Some products Albina produces includes:

  • Casing Cylinders
  • Rolled Plate Cylinders
  • Stiffeners
  • Curved Plate Sections for Earthquake Retrofits
  • Concrete Column Wraps
  • Tunnel Shoring Applications
  • Tunnel Supports
  • Tunnel Framework/Skeleton
  • Column and Bridge Supports
  • Cones
  • Other Plate Formed Sections