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Steel Angle Bending for New Rides at the Seaworld Ocean Explorer Project

Do you require a fast lead-time for a RUSH high profile construction project? Well look no further than Albina Co., Inc. Albina has recently teamed up with a very loyal longtime customer to make the bends for the Seaworld Ocean Explorer project in San Diego, CA. Albina received authorization to proceed on 1/25/17 and 7 working days later we were shipping the first 48,000# truckload of bent steel! Our customer thought they were asking for a miracle and Albina was happy to provide exactly what was required.

Albina processed 40 ft, 50 ft and 60 ft lengths of bent steel angle:
14″ OD X .375″ WALL A500 GR. B
8″ X 4″ X ½” ANGLE A36
8″ X 6″ X ½” ANGLE A36
8″ X 8″ X ½” ANGLE A36

All of the angle were bent to various radii, some of the lengths were bent leg-in and others leg-out. The Seaworld Ocean Explorer project will feature a mini-sub interactive ride called Submarine Quest and three new family-inspired rides inspired by the sea. Pictures will be posted upon completion of the project.