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Bent Steel for the University of Alaska Anchorage Sports Arena
Albina is bending 550,000# of W14 x 159#, W14 x 120# and W24 x 94# the Hard-Way for the new University of Alaska Anchorage Sports Arena.

Big or Small...Size Is Not An Obstacle

We are able to process small material just as well as larger material.  We just finished a production run of .438" OD X .020" WALL T304 S/S for a dental component company.  These parts are processed complete (all functions done by Albina) and bent on a 1” Center-Line-Radius.
Bending Wide Flange the Hard Way
We are currently bending 208,440# of W14 and W16 wide flange the hard way to various configurations. All material is shipping via. dedicated flatbed to Arizona.

Another Customer Quote of Appreciation
"The quality of your work and the extra efforts taken to expedite this project make it hard for any other forming company to get in the door. You’ve earned our business and my thanks."                                                  -Progressive Steel Industries, Ltd., British Columbia
Hyatt Regency Hotel Water Slide
Albina recently bent some 4" Sch40 and 12" Sch40 pipe for a water slide tower at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Arizona.
Triad Hyatt Slide Tower
Oregon Proclamation that September 28th, 2012 is SteelDay!
Governer Kitzhaber and the State of Oregon have recognized the value and importance of the structural steel industry in the Northwest with an official proclamation of September 28, 2012 as SteelDay.

SteelDay is a special once-a-year opportunity for the structural steel industry to celebrate their accomplishments and contributions that organziations associated with steel products make to their communities and to the nation. 

The proclamation states:

WHEREAS: The structural steel industry annually provides structural steel framing systems for more than one billion square feet of new building construction throughout Oregon and other states; and

WHEREAS: The structural steel industry provides employment for more than 185,000 workers in Oregon and other states; and

WHEREAS: The structural steel industry has demonstrated a significant commitment to sustainable construction through the use of structural steel products made from 93% recycled materials from old cars, appliances, stoves, manufacturing waste, curb-side recycling and deconstructed buildings; and

WHEREAS: 98% of the structural steel in a building is recycled at the end of the building's life.

NOW, THEREFORE: John A. Kitzhaber, M.D., Governer of the State of Oregon, hereby proclaim September 28, 2012 to be STEELDAY.

Albina has hosted SteelDay events in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Check back to our website every September for updates on upcoming events.
Albina Pipe Bending Donates Bends to Help Restore PT-658

PT-658 is the last remaining operable PT boat from World War II.  For 18 years, PT boat veterans and volunteers with Save the PT Boat, Inc. have worked to restore the torpedo motor boat with full armament and three 1,850 horsepower Packard V-12 engines.

Albina Pipe Bending donated bent 5” OD x .120” wall stainless steel exhaust tubing for the Packard Diesel engines and ½” OD x .065” wall T304 stainless steel bends (coils) around the 5” OD stainless material to cool the extremely hot exhaust tubes.  These cooling coils in conjunction with the protective rubber insulation dropped the temperature of the exhaust pipes from approx. 1,500 degrees down to less than 100 degrees!

In addition, Albina bent and donated  ¾” Sch40 Bare pipe bends to form a protective railing for the deck mounted guns.

The work to restore the PT boat was honored this week when the boat earned a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. PT-658 docked this week in Portland, Oregon and President and CEO, Brian Smith was there to talk with the veterans and other companies that donated funds or materials to the cause.

Grand Opening of the Dale Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum Seattle, WA.
Albina Pipe Bending provided 90,000#'s of W18 x 106# Wide Flange Beam all bent the hard way to 453.27" and 799.27" Inside Radii, as well as 4" Sch40, 4" XXH, and 4" XH pipe all bent to various configurations for this project.  To read more about the Grand Opening and to see some great pictures of the installed beams, go to the following article in the Seattle Post Intelligence.
Spiral Math Calculator and Social Media Tools Now Available!
Announcing more tools to make your lives a little easier!

"Spiral Math Calculator" now available at

Visit the link, enter all of your known data, automatically calculate your Degree of Pitch and Arc Length, and save it in your files for future reference or submit a report directly to Albina Pipe Bending for bid!  It is that simple.

Albina has also joined the world of social media!
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Early Involvement Benefits
Important message for steel fabricators, architects, engineers and project managers involved with projects requiring curved steel applications..."Using a third-party bending firm, and getting them involved early on in the design phase, allows you to take on bigger projects and offer more options to your customers." 

If you bring a third party bender into partnership with you, do it as early into the project as possible.  When designs are challenging, it is best to have your bending firm examine the bending design ahead of time so that they can identify potential issues and determine whether or not the desired outcome can be achieved.  All parties involved must agree on all of the critical elements of the project before a single piece of steel is bent.  Early involvement eliminates potential mistakes or misunderstandings later in the process, which could potentially result in scheduling delays or added cost for re-work.

Albina Pipe Bending Co., Inc. wrote a case study on Early Involvement and their experiences with working with Columbia Wire & Iron on the bending and fabrication of a spiral staircase and landing at the Allison Inn in Newberg Oregon.  See pages 26-28 in the January/February 2012 Issue of Fabricator for more information and details.