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Blog posts tagged with 'steel rolling'

Excellence in Curved Steel
Albina has done it again! Another example of the quality in workmanship we provide and another satisfied customer! "Albina is our preferred vendor for all things heavy requiring rolling and or forming. Rest assured, I have nothing but admiration for Albina’s ability and workmanship, QC, QA, and logistics. I have also developed a great relationship and trust your team. I look very forward to working with you again. As far as we are concerned, you have not competition!"  
Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles Florida
Albina produced the elevator garage doors, the door frames, the upper/lower sills and several other parts for the safe operation of the door system for the Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles, Florida. Shaped like a piston driven into sand, the concrete-and-glass Porsche Design Tower will contain three car elevators. Each can whisk a convertible up 60 stories and then slide it into the owner's personal steel-reinforced garage. This project required a high level of quality and accuracy to the fabricated parts due to the application and the high visibility of the door itself. The doors are in the condominium and are very visible. This project had its hurdles to overcome but working together with our customer, we were able to resolve the issues and provide quality parts. The materials on the project ranged from 14ga sheet steel to ½” thick plate components and a TS 3” x 2” x .120” wall rolled tube frame. Several parts required bending, the tube steel, the ½” plate for lower sill, the 3/8” plate for the roller braces and some ¼” plate for the upper sill. The accuracy of bending was critical because all of these parts work together to make the door, the upper and lower sill and the sides of the door frame. When rolling we maintained a 1/16” +/- tolerance measured at the mid-ordinate (MO) over a 9ft chord. Porsche Design Tower Car Elevator-3 Porsche Design Tower Car Elevator-2 Porsche Design Tower Car Elevator-1
Steel Doesn't Bend Itself
Steel Doesn’t Bend Itself! The Process Requires a Qualified & Reputable Bender-Roller Company! If you take the time to look around you, you will see many instances where bent, curved or rolled steel is used in manufacturing, industrial, architectural and structural applications. Do you ever ask yourself “What process is used to bend steel?” Albina Co. Inc., a family owned and operated bending and fabrication company, located in Tualatin, Oregon, has been providing customers with innovative, quality bent and curved steel products since 1939. Albina works with all forms of structural steel including: angle (up to 8”), wide flange (up to 40”), channel (up to 18”), square and rectangular tubing (up to 20” x 12”), and solid bars. In addition to structural steel, Albina also bends pipe and round tubing (up to 26” OD) and has the ability to roll plate. Albina can virtually bend any ferrous and non-ferrous metals produced. To learn more about the various processes used to bend steel, please refer to our tech tool box to review the common bending methods.