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Use our Online Tools to Calculate Bending Dimensions
Use our Online Tools to Calculate Bending Dimensions

For all our customers that need assistance in calculating bending dimensions or material take-offs for bending.  Look no further than Albina’s bending calculators / Curve Calculators.  Albina’s bending calculators allow end users to calculate the following critical bending data:

  1. How to calculate the arc of a bend or curve with our Arc Calculator.
  2. How to calculate the degree of a bend or curve with our Degree Calculator.
  3. How to calculate the Mid-Ordinate (MO) / Rise of a curve or Arc with our Mid-Ordinate Calculator.
  4. How to calculate the radius of a curve with our Radius Calculator.
  5. How to calculate the ovality of a round section after bending with our Ovality Calculator.
  6. How to calculate the critical dimensions of a stair stringer with our Stair Stringer Calculator / Spiral Math Calculator.
  7. How to calculate the degree turn in plan view for a spiral staircase (spiral stringer).
  8. How to calculate the degree of pitch for a spiral staircase (spiral stringer).
  9. How to calculate the arc length for a spiral staircase (spiral stringer).
  10. How to quickly determine the amount of straight or tangent material needed to successfully bend a length of material or part.

Albina’s calculators can be found here:

Albina also specializes in plate bending, not just HSS, Pipe, Tube, and Structural Steel bending.  Countless customers come to Albina for our plate rolling expertise, including bending plate into a cone configuration.  Many customers require a cone calculator.  There are many cone calculators available, but we typically use a calculator located here:  Not only will this calculator provide the end user with the critical cone dimensions, but also the cone flat pattern.

NEW- Ovality Calculator Now Available on Our Website
Ovality is simply how “out of round” a round material is. The new ovality calculator determines the % of ovality (i.e. the % the material is out of round). All round material has a certain amount of ovality (even as straight material) nothing is PERFECTLY round, mills will produce material to an ovality tolerance. When bending round material, the material will slightly oval. The material theoretic OD, the wall thickness, the radius the material is bent to and the bending method (i.e. how is the material bent) will all impact the final ovality of bent round material. Customers that are using pipe for pressure retaining systems, heat exchangers, industrial applications, boiler tubes, etc. are all concerned about the ovality of round material after bending. The ovality calculator is a great addition to our already vast offering of general bending calculators and spiral math calculators available online. [caption id="attachment_1451" align="aligncenter" width="1101"]bending calculators for steel bending calculations bending calculators for steel bending calculations[/caption]