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South Reserve Street Pedestrian Bridge Crossing Features AESS Curved Steel

Albina shines on a steel bending project requiring material that isn’t a mill stocked or produced shape! A loyal customer out of Billings Montana contacted us to partner up on the South Reserve Street Pedestrian Crossing project. This project was unique as it required TS 18″ X 18″ X .625″ WALL A588 CORTEN material that one couldn’t purchase from a mill. This tubing had to be fabricated from plate. Albina teamed up with a local forming partner in Tualatin, OR and had 60 ft lengths of plate formed in a press break and then welded to form this unique square tubing. After this material was formed and fabricated, Albina took over the steel bending portion of the job. We are curving 8 lengths x 60 ft long of this material to a 148’ 3” inside radius. All of the materials need to meet AESS (Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel) requirements. No challenge is too difficult for the experts at Albina!

TS 18" X 18" X .625" WALL A588 CORTEN material

TS 18″ X 18″ X .625″ WALL A588 CORTEN material