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Blog posts tagged with 'Steel Bending for Boats'

Bending 1"OD Aluminum for Custom Boat Parts
We are making custom boat parts out of 1" OD X .065" WALL 6061-T6 ALUM material. Our customer needed 850 parts made for this one project. Each part was bent on a 2½” center-line radius to 90 degrees. Each part had one end flared to 37°. All parts needed to be supplied in a T6 condition upon comp...
Cargo Heating Pipe Coils Bent for Barge Tanks
Albina is much more than just a structural bending facility. We service ALL industries that might require bent steel. Recently Albina was involved with a large industrial application where we orovided Cargo Heating Pipe Coils for tanks in barges. We were responsible for bending, trimming and ...
Steel Bending for Marine, Locomotive, Automotive & Agricultural Applications
Curved steel is not just used to create architecturally aesthetically pleasing buildings, it is also used in smaller manufacturing applications that require consistent, accurate and repeatable bends to create parts. Albina bends steel parts for aircrafts, boat trailers, boats,agricultural farming eq...