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Blog posts tagged with 'Energy Trust of Oregon'

Update on Solar Panel Installation at Albina Co., Inc.
We are continuing our efforts to reduce our collective dependence on fossil fuel and we are installing a solar power system on our shop roof to derive clean, pure energy from the sun! We are doing our part to go green and reduce our carbon footprint. Just today, over 100 panels were installed! 168 panels were installed in just two days and that includes panel installation and wire management! Here is what we are doing: • We are installing a 135kW (kilowatt) system. • The panels will be covering the roof of our 4th bay (this bay is 12,500 square feet)….that is a lot of solar panels. • Our building is perfect for solar as we have no shading and the panels will be southern facing for optimal efficiency for all seasons. • One array of solar cells will be 45 ft x 106 ft and the second array of solar cells will be 45 ft x 113 ft. • We will generate our own power for use. If we have excess power it will go back to the grid. What are you doing to reduce your carbon footprint? Do you consider the what your vendors or suppliers are doing to combat greenhouse gas emissions and global warming? People who are continuously looking for ways to improve their output without having an adverse effect on the environment is the type of vendor you want working for you. Vendors who look for new and innovative ways to improve their business will be the same ones that will give you a quality product and care about the outcome of your project.
Pacific Energy Concepts and the Energy Trust of Oregon Encourage Exterior Lighting Upgrades
Albina is in the process of replacing all of our exterior lights.  The upgrade is compliments of Pacific Energy Concepts and the Energy Trust of Oregon. We are excited about this project for a number of reasons. We will recognize monthly power savings which will result in lower power bills. Our exterior lighting will be brighter, covering a greater area. Maintenance of the lights will be less expensive when compared to our current fixtures. Most importantly, Albina’s lighting project will help decrease air pollution and environmental damage by the following amounts EACH YEAR: a) 14.2 tons of CO2 removed per year b) 3.9 acres of trees to be planted / saved per year c) 1,760.9 gallons of gas saved per year
Energy Conservation
Albina Pipe Bending Co., Inc. is a strong proponent of energy conservation. We believe that every little bit helps; we can all do our part to make a difference. Albina, like many other businesses, has made a pledge to save energy with Portland General Electric. In addition to our pledge Albina has taken specific action steps to actually conserve energy. Our entire 50,000 square ft production facility was upgraded with energy efficient light fixtures and bulbs. The new lighting drastically lowered the amount of energy we use and provided a brighter shop floor and better working conditions. We have also installed motors on all of our overhead doors. Prior to the motor installation we opened our doors once during the day and kept the doors open for ease of in and out traffic. The doors were opened only once because they were labor intensive to open and close, but having the doors open created problems keeping our shop heated. The motors allow us to keep our overhead doors closed for a majority of the day during the cold winter months. We now open and close them only as needed. Having the doors closed for a majority of the day has drastically decreased the heating requirement in our shop and in turn eliminates the energy required for heating. Our air compressor that runs our shop was analyzed and found to be inefficiently using energy. Albina immediately put a plan in place to replace and upgrade our air compressor with a more energy efficient compressor. This upgrade has proven to reduce the amount of energy required, daily. Finally, we have made it company policy to only purchase new sales vehicles that get a minimum of 30 miles per gallon. Albina has utilized and will continue to utilize the business energy tax credit that the Oregon Department of Energy provides. Not only are we saving energy to help the environment and improve our business community, but we are able to recognize tax credits for the energy savings. Our pledge to conserving energy, along with the pledges of many other businesses can be found at: Portland General Electric. Our hope is that our pledge and actions will strengthen the business community and demonstrate the power every company has to make a difference.