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Do You Have Plans for SteelDay 2018?

SteelDay is just a week away on Friday, September 28th! Don’t forget to register for a SteelDay event near you at www.steelday.org/events. If you can’t get to a physical location, AISC is offering a free webinar titled “Birth of the Steel Skyscraper”.

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of SteelDay, the steel industry’s largest educational and networking function of the year. If you would like to look back at some of the past webinars offered by AISC from 2011-2017, please log on to aisc.org to check them out!

AISC White Paper “The Impact of Material Selection on the Resilience of Buildings”

As part of AISC’s (American Institute of Steel Construction) mission to make sure that architects and developers have accurate and factual information regarding the design and construction of buildings and bridges, they have created a series of white papers exploring various issues related to specifying steel as the primary building material on projects. This month, I would like to highlight the white paper titled “The Impact of Material Selection on the Resilience of Buildings” which explains that of all the materials used for structural framing systems, structural steel has demonstrated the greatest level of resilience relative to extreme events, therefore reducing the cost of the risk associated with the ability of the structure to absorb and recover from the stress of an extreme event. Visit AISC for more detailed information and a link to read the full white paper. We also address many of these same issues on our own website in “Facts About Curved Steel” and in our “Top 10 Reasons to Specify Structural Steel.”

“Why Steel?” AISC Has All the Answers!

The AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) has introduced an exceptional resource for architects, general contractors, building owners, structural engineers, code officials, and for anyone who wants to know Why Steel is the better choice for building! Log on to AISC.org and click on your respective position to learn of the benefits of specifying steel. The benefits of using steel as your primary building material are vast, and there are even more benefits to specifying curved steel on your next project! You can check out our “Why Curved Steel” page to gather more information.