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What Have We Done for You Lately?

As 2016 comes to a close, we take a look back on some of the improvements we have made as a company to help better service the steel industry and our customer base.

Equipment and tooling upgrades to increase capacities and product offerings.
We added two new rotary draw benders, a 6″ Coast Wallace with a carriage assist and overhead clamp.and a Pines #6 with a customized back boost, to our current inventory of equipment. We plan to fully tool these pieces of equipment allowing us to offer countless new radii options for our customers growing needs and demanding lead times.

Shop floor redesign to maximize workflow efficiency and utilization of space.
Before our new machines arrived, we completely restructured our shop allowing us to group similar machines in common areas. The result is improved material flow, increased production, and more efficient production.

Welcomed Stu Hasman as an additional Regional Director of Sales.
We are confident Stuart’s commitment to quality, customer service and his integrity will make him a valuable resource as our company and your business continue to grow.

Energy Efficient Lighting in Shop & Office. Solar Panel project coming in 2017.
As Albina Co., Inc. continues to try to reduce our carbon footprint and be environmentally conscience, we completely retrofitted our entire production shop and office facility with energy efficient lighting this year. We are examining the potential to add solar panels on the South side of our building roof to reduce power consumption in early 2017.

Albina Co., Inc. Values Relationships in the Steel Bending Industry

Albina recently created an “Industry Links” page on our new mobile-friendly website. Albina understands and values the relationships that we have in the steel bending industry and we wanted to highlight a few of the companies we deal with on a daily basis who help us provide our customers with the best products and services available. We highlight various steel industry associations such as AISC, NOMMA, PNSFA, Impact and others. We also give a brief description of many of our key Service Centers, Subcontractors, and Specialty Contractors. This page provides a great resource for individuals to learn about all the different aspects that go into the process of bending steel.

Best Production Team in the Steel Bending Industry

Why Albina’s Production Team is simply the best in the industry!

  • Knowledgeable management, estimating / project management, production workers, etc. that are industry experts for bending with many years of experience (longevity).
    • excellent training for every position;
    • family business with information handed down from generation to generation;
  • Dedication to our positions, Albina and our customers, results in quality products and quality service.
  • Small company creates a friendly atmosphere to customers;
  • All of our workers take a great deal of pride in what we do and what we provide to our customers.
  • Availability for emergency situations/services.
    • We have staff ready to work OT to get quick turn-around jobs done. Also have an after-hours call list for shutdown projects.
  • Our staff will put in the extra effort to research how to do something prior to just using trial/error. Be it a new bending process, a complicated bending configuration or a new weld process that we have to write, our staff excels in finding a way to get the job done right.
  • We are an all-union shop with skilled workers!
The Albina Production Team

The Albina Production Team

Albina Co., Inc. Makes a Generous Donation to CONSANO

CONSANO is a platform that enables you to donate any amount (small or large!) directly to a medical research project that matters to you. Consano connects individuals directly to specific medical research projects. Albina recently made a generous donation to the following studies:

a) Why Does Cancer Kill You
b) Targeting Metastatic Breast Tumors with Stem Cell Loaded Oncolytic Viruses
c) Finding and Treating New Types of Lung Cancer Doing Things Differently
d) The Genomics of Young Lung Cancer
e) Changing the Way We See Liver Cancer

If you feel passionately about a cause, check out the CONSANO website for more information on how it works and how to donate.

Albina Co., Inc. Sponsors Assistance League of Greater Portland

Beaverton, OR. March 10, 2015 — Assistance League® of Greater Portland today announced
that Albina Co., Inc. has donated $10,000 to support the local chapter of the national nonprofit
Assistance League.
The family owned Albina is based in Tualatin and specializes in metal bending and fabrication.
Formed in 1939, Albina is an industry leader in structural steel bending, steel rolling and steel
forming. Among other custom products, they produce state of the art canopies, roof trusses,
bridges, store fronts, stadiums and parking garages. Albina’s products are also found in exercise
equipment, furniture, on playgrounds, bike racks, custom handrails, fences and more. Albina
can produce virtually any metal component that needs to bend or curve without the use of
pre-formed fittings.
The sponsorship was made in conjunction with Assistance League’s fiftieth anniversary of
community service in the greater Portland area.
Assistance League of Greater Portland has provided local philanthropic programs since 1965.
Assistance League’s member volunteers provide four community service programs. The programs
serve children and victims of violence by providing new school clothing, enrichment activities
for troubled youth at a residential treatment facility, personal history books for foster children,
and clothing for women who have been assaulted and must forfeit their clothing in the
emergency room. In addition to grants, sponsorships and donations, funds are raised at Assistance
League Thrift and Consignment Shops at 4000 SW 117th Avenue in Beaverton.

Reference Article: Steel Industry Showing Resilience

Zachs.com published an article yesterday indicating that the Steel Industry is showing resilience and that the continued need for urbanization and industrialization will continue to drive demand for steel in the years to come. As the urban population increases, so will the need to improve infrastructure and public transportation systems. In addition, the automotive and construction industries are gaining momentum. To read the full article, visit Zachs.com .