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Stainless Steel Pipe Bending of Small Parts for Manufacturing Application

We recently completed a very difficult job in which we bent 3″ OD X .065″ WALL T304 Stainless Steel POLISHED, 2½” OD X .065″ WALL T304 Stainless Steel POLISHED, and 1/2″ OD X .065″ WALL T304 Stainless Steel Polished for a manufacturing customer. The really tight bends in the picture below are elbows (butt-weld fittings) that are purchased off the shelf at a pipe supply house. The bends we did are the larger radii bends. Albina is a reliable vendor when it comes to producing bent parts for manufacturing applications. When applicable, we can provide same day and/or shutdown services which is a huge plus for customers that rely on equipment running 24 hours a day. Albina is also qualified to process NQA-1 work for certified NQA-1 shops.

Bent Steel Parts for Manufacturing Application

Albina Co., Inc. Provides End Users With Tools to Successfully Quote and Understand Their Curved Steel Project

Albina Co., Inc. provides a plethora of tools on their website to allow end users the ability to not only make important steel bending calculations with the bending and spiral bending calculators, but we also provide a number of conversion charts, weight and dimension grids and reference guides. We want the end user to understand what we are quoting, why we need the information that we do, how we quote and ultimately we want the end user to understand the nuances of using curved steel on a project.

We also provide calculators to aid in determining tangent materials and bend tolerances for different material types, sizes and bending processes. Visit our “Calculators” page to gain easy access to these tools. Bookmark the page for future reference!