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Curved Steel Beams for the Juneau, Alaska Seawalk

Some would think that a 24” tall beam weighing 84# per ft would be a big chunk of steel.  One might even ask if it is possible to bend such a large section of steel.  The answer would be to contact Albina.  We are experts in bending the very small and the very large….you name it and we will bend it.  Yes W24x84# beam is a large chunk of steel, but certainly not too large for the experts at Albina.  A loyal  customer out of Deer Park, Washington contacted us to bend this material the easy way down to a very tight 42 ft radius.  After bending the 25,000# of steel, our customer is fabricating the sections and will eventually ship to Alaska for the new Juneau Seawalk.

Wide Flange W24 X 84# A992 Bent to 42 ft. radius

Wide Flange Bent the easy way down to a 42 ft radius.

Wide Flange W24 X 84# A992

Wide Flange W24 X 84# A992