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Helical, Elliptical and Parabolic Bent 3-1/2″ Sch40 Steel Pipe for Wind Sculpture

A customer recently called us and asked if we were ready for a difficult steel bending project out of 3½” Sch40 pipe.  The project was for a Wind Sculpture in Oak Harbor Washington.  The designer was hopeful that the material could be bent to countless radii and configurations.  Some of the radii are elliptical, some bends are compound, some bends are helical bent, the list goes on.  Once Albina reviewed the drawings we jumped at the opportunity to perform.  The experts at Albina make the seemingly impossible bending projects, possible.

Helical, Elliptical and Parabolic Bent 3-1/2" Sch40 Steel Pipe

Helical, Elliptical and Parabolic Bent 3-1/2″ Sch40 Steel Pipe

Projects Requiring Bent Steel Should be “Made in the USA!”

Manufacturing projects, including those that specify bent steel applications, should be “made in the USA.” Sending projects, small or large, overseas is not always the most cost effective way to get the job done. Albina Co., Inc. has proven that we can provide competitively priced, higher quality runs than international alternatives. Keeping manufacturing projects in the USA allows for better lead-times, better inventory control, and better cash flow options for customers. Albina Co., Inc. has worked with both well-established manufacturing firms requiring high production runs, as well as smaller start-ups looking for protypes to provide more cost-effective solutions than overseas alternatives. Some examples of products we have helped produce on American soil include frames and components for the electric automotive market, various parts for alternative energy technologies, aluminum and stainless lifts for the marine industry, tradeshow displays and components and parts for power tools.