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CNC Rotary Draw Bending

Albina Co., Inc. is not just a structural steel bending shop! Some of our biggest customers are manufacturing companies that require bent material and repeat jobs of small parts. We recently finished a project that required some complex tube bends on our CNC draw bending equipment out of the following materials: 136 pieces of 1" OD X .065" WALL T304 S/S bent to a 2½” center-line radius. 136 pieces of Tube Steel 1" X 1" X .083" WALL T304 S/S bent to a 3½” inside radius. 68 pieces of ½" OD X .049" WALL T304 S/S bent to a ½” center-line radius. All parts were cut, bent, washed and packaged by Albina Co., Inc. for shipment. Prior to shipping all parts needed to be free of dirt, debris and oil.
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