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Don’t Let Shipping Be a Deterrent

I wanted to share a story from a customer whom we recently completed a job for. The customer found us through the internet and was impressed with our web page layout because it showed that we do architectural work. He said working with the team at Albina was a “great experience.”

“This project was textbook from beginning to end. Once it arrived in Seattle it was installed within an hour. Albina’s timing was unbelievable.  We have another job coming up where the bent pipes need to be perfect and clean and strong as it has coils going through and it can’t be crushed. Once the project is ready for release, Albina will be my first phone call.”

Most of the customers’ work is done in the DC area so he thought shipping might be a problem on the upcoming job. We have a lot of customers on the East Coast and we have the ability to combine shipments which helps to keep the costs down.  Don’t let shipping be a deterrent.

How to Load a Truck with 47,000# of Bent Structural Steel

Today we loaded truck 2 of 4, consisting of 47,000# of bent structural steel, for The Mercedes-Benz project in Gilbert, AZ. This particular truck included various sizes of square tubing, 4″ Angle and 36″ Wide Flange. This truck will be delivering to Mesa, AZ for fabrication. This was a difficult load, as you can see in the picture below, because of the many different types of material on the load. However, with the expertise of our veteran loaders working with the driver, we were able to stack everything in a very safe manner, of which the driver was thrilled to haul such a secure load.

47,000# of bent structural steel on one complex truck load

47,000# of bent structural steel on one complex truck load