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Large Diameter Plate Rolling

Albina’s Plate Rolling capacities range from 3/4″ plate up to 10’0″ in width (pre-bend up to 5/8″ thick). For flat bar bent the easy way our capabilities include any thickness and size thru 4″ x 22″. The section is dependent on thickness to width.

We recently completed a project consisting of rolled plate 1/2″ thick x 120″ wide. The plate was 216” in diameter and rolled to 180°.

large diameter plate rolling

Bent Beams and Rolled Plate Provide Floor Supports for Custom Tree House Build

Albina bent and fabricated various structural materials to create the floor supports for a custom tree house in Sammamish, Washington. Materials used included:

a) 3-1/2″ Sch80 and 5″ Sch80 Bare Pipe fabricated complete per drawings with brackets cap welded to ends
b) 1/2″, 3/4″ and 3/8″ Rolled Plate
c) Tube Steel 8″ x 4″ x .250″ Wall A500 GR B
d) W6 x 15# A992 and W8 x 15# A992 Wide Flange

rolled wide flange

rolled wide flange

rolled wide flange

Mastering the Craft of Steel Plate Rolling

At Albina Co., Inc., we have 70 years of experience in precision plate rolling. We roll a variety of metals, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zirconium, hastelloy, copper, brass, and titanium. Our plate rolled metals are used for a variety of infrastructure and other applications, including casing cylinders, stiffeners, earthquake retrofits, concrete column wraps, transportation tunnels, bridge supports, underground waterways, and decorative structures. We fabricate plate rolled structures in thicknesses up to .75 in and diameters up to 10 ft. We supplement our plate rolling with a variety of additional services, including tube bending, HSS bending, structural steel bending, welding, end finishing, light fabrication, sandblasting, and painting. Our custom plate rolling serves many businesses, including those in the architectural, commercial construction, industrial, recreational equipment, food processing, military, heat exchanger, and transportation industries. Our work meets high industry standards set by the AISC, AESS, NOMMA, ASME, and NQA-1.
plate rolling

plate rolling

plate rolling

Albina is the “Go To” Bender and Roller of Choice for Many Fabricators

We recently received some feedback from a customer about the quality of not only our bending and forming capabilities, but our great customer service as well. “Your company has become our “go to” for steel bending and forming. This doesn’t happen without the professionalism and dedication of the entire company, from the person who unlocks the door in the morning to the person who ties down the load at night.” Curtis at Progressive Steel

Albina Rolls Plate for Guardrail at Portland Community College Campus

Albina recently provided rolled plate for a guardrail at the SE Campus of Portland Community College and our customer sent the following feedback: “The rolled plates you processed for us had to be welded together for an exposed circular guardrail. We assembled the plates, ends lined-up, radiuses matched – the parts fit perfectly. Thank you and your team for your accuracy and performance.”

Joshua Hemmert
DB Steel, Inc.