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Curved Steel at Harley Davidson in Scottsdale, AZ.

Albina Co., Inc. recently completed various lengths of curved rectangular tube steel for the curved portion of the face of the new Harley Davidson building in Scottsdale, Arizona.   We also bent various internal structural steel elements for the interior of the building as well as a spiral staircase.

Curved Steel Harley Davidson

Curved Steel Harley Davidson

Curved Steel Harley Davidson Facade

Curved Steel Harley Davidson Facade

Spiral Staircase Harley Davidson

Spiral Staircase Harley Davidson

Curved Steel Harley Davidson Interior Structure

Curved Steel Harley Davidson Interior Structure


Curved Steel Canopy at St. Alphonsus Medical Center

St. Alphonsus Medical Center is non-for-profit hospital, serving Boise, and the surrounding communities in eastern Oregon and southwestern Idaho. Albina Co., Inc. recently bent several long lengths of tube steel to form a beautiful curved entry-way at the Joint Preservation & Reconstruction Center.

St. Alphonsus Medical Center Curved Canopy

St. Alphonsus Medical Center Curved Canopy

St. Alphonsus Medical Center Curved Canopy

St. Alphonsus Medical Center Curved Canopy

Oregon State University “Student Experience Center Canopy”

Albina Co., Inc. recently provided the curved steel beams for an 8,000 square foot glass canopy at the Oregon State University (OSU) Student Experience Center, installed in Corvallis Oregon. The canopy links the new Student Experience Center with the Memorial Union. The canopy is not only functional (allowing for a protected space when it is raining during outdoor events) but also a signature structure on the Oregon State University campus. The bending portion of this project required very large HSS rectangular tubing to be bent consistently from piece to piece with little to no deformation. Albina bent 8 lengths of TS 20” x 12” x .500” wall A500 Gr. B, all over 70 ft long. Albina also bent 44 lengths x 60 ft and 23 lengths x 25 ft of TS 6” x 3” x .313” wall A500 Gr. B, this material was “double bent” the easy-way and the hard-way. Fought & Co., a structural steel fabrication shop located in Tigard Oregon, teamed up with Albina to successfully produce the required canopy.

curved steel canopy at student experience center OSU-1

curved steel canopy at student experience center OSU-2

Metal Construction News Publishes 2015 Metal Directory

The Metal Directory & Resource Guide is the metal construction industry’s most comprehensive guide to more than 1,200 suppliers of product and services. Find suppliers in categories such as building systems, coatings, contractor tools, doors, fasteners, framing, insulation, roofs, rooftop products, and wall. Albina Co., Inc. is listed as a feature supplier under “curved metal roofing.”

Curved Steel Roof Structure at Newport Beach Civic Center Wins Awards

The NCSEA (National Council of Structural Engineers Associations) awarded the Newport Beach Civic Center and Park with the “Outstanding Project Award for New Buildings Over $100 Million.” Albina Co., Inc. was the bender/roller for the iconic curved wide-flanged waved roofs that line the façade of the building. The AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) recognized this same project as a 2014 IDEA National Award Winner in the Spring of 2014.

Architect: Bohlin Cywindski Jackson
Structural Engineer: Arup
Fabricator: SME Steel Contractors
Bender/Roller: Albina Co., Inc.

352,000# of rolled steel by Albina
• W10 x 26#- 502 pcs all rolled the hardway to AESS standards. Rolled down to a 16 ft radius.
• TS 3” x 3” x .250” wall- 502 pcs rolled to match the W10 x 26#.
• WT 3 x 13.5#- 158 pcs split from W6 x 27# (by Albina) and rolled Stem-in and Stem-out down to a 15 ft radius.
• TS 8” x 8” x .500” wall- rolled to AESS standards
• TS 6” x 6” x .250” wall- rolled to AESS standards
• TS 8” x 8” x .375” wall- 60 pcs rolled to AESS standards

Curved Steel Newport Beach Civic Center-3

Curved Steel Newport Beach Civic Center-2

Curved Steel Newport Beach Civic Center-1

METALCON 2014 Conference in Denver, Co. October 1st-3rd

METALCON is the premier event in the metals industry delivering a wide cross section of metal professionals in roofing, residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and municipal construction. Metal building, residential and roofing contractors, architects, engineers, developers, facility managers, fabricators and building owners attend METALCON.

IDEAS Awards Presentation Photos of Curved Steel Roof Trusses

Rex Buchanan took some amazing photographs of the curved steel roof trusses at the San Diego Library Dome during the IDEAS Awards presentation on Friday, June 5.

2015 IDEAS Awards entries will be accepted by AISC within the next month, and any team member can enter projects. Consider partnering with the premier bender/roller in the country in Albina Co. and we will help you create and enter your next great steel-framed project. The entry deadline will be in December.

Feature Ad for Steel Bending in June Issue of Metal Architecture

The 2014 AIA (American Institute of Architects) National Convention is right around the corner June 26-28 in Chicago. In order to highlight the many benefits of using curved steel in architectural design projects, Albina created a beautiful ad for one of the industries most highly renowned publications, Metal Architecture.

Curved Steel Roof Trusses Metal Architecture

2014 IDEAS2 Award Winning Projects Featured in May Issue of Modern Steel

The online version of the May issue of Modern Steel is now available. There is a feature article on the 2014 IDEAS2 (Innovative Design in Engineering and Architecture with Structural Steel) Award winning projects. Albina Co., Inc. was the bender/roller on two of the award winning projects: Newport Beach Civic Center and Park, Newport Beach, California and San Diego Library Dome San Diego, California. Click on the latest issue of Modern Steel for more information.

2014 North American Steel Construction Conference March 26-28th Toronto, Canada

The 2014 NASCC (North American Steel Construction Conference) will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center in Toronto, Canada March 26-28th. The Steel Conference is the place for engineers, fabricators, detailers and erectors to learn about structural steel design and construction, to interact with their peers and to see the latest products for steel buildings and bridges. This year, in addition to the NASCC exhibit hall, three additional conferences will be incorporated into the show: The Annual Stability Conference, The Technology in Steel Construction Conference, and the World Steel Bridge Symposium. There will be various technical seminars, networking opportunities and product showcases tailored towards structural engineers, detailers, erectors and fabricators alike. Albina Co., Inc. will have an ad featuring bent steel projects in the show’s premier industry publication “Modern Steel.”Modern Steel NASCC Show