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Feature Article & Cover Shot in May SW Edition of A2Z Manufacturing Magazine

Check out the two-page feature article on Albina Co., Inc. in the May Southwest Edition of A2Z Manufacturing Magazine. We had such a great time working with Linda and Kim putting the article together.

The article highlights several projects that we have participated in specifically in the states of Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. Our company history, philosophy and future goals are also touched on in the piece. 

A2Z Manufacturing Cover Shot
50,000# of Bent Steel Provided by Albina Co., Inc. for Sloan Park- Home of the Chicago Cubs Spring Training Facility

“The Seattle Spheres” win Presidential Award for Excellence in Fabrication

The May 2019 Edition of Modern Steel Magazine features an article on the Seattle Spheres as they won the Presidential Award for Excellence in Fabrication! 

Albina Co., Inc. was the steel bender/roller for the Curved Steel Bio-Sphere buildings in Seattle, WA. Albina bent 750,000# and 1,050 pieces rectangular tube steel bent the easy way and a portion bent off-axis. Almost 8 miles of welding work and grinding was avoided because of Albina’s ability to bend a portion of the project. Almost NO correction was needed during fabrication or erection as the bends fit to the fixtures within 1/32nd of an inch!

Curved Steel Spheres
Curved Steel Spheres Seattle, WA.
Curved Steel Spheres Seattle, WA.

We Can Save You Money! (How to Read a Quote)

Have you ever had trouble reading one of our quotes? I hope the answer to that questions is “No”, but if for any reason it is not, we have put together a brief video to show you “How to Read Our Quotes.” If quotes are not being read accurately, it is possible you are not comparing apples to apples when analyzing our quote against our competitor’s quote. You could actually end of paying more if you do not understand what the quote consists of.  The biggest thing is material. More often than not, we quote material on our bid, so our TOTAL number is more because material is included. You may look at the TOTAL number and think we are too high. BUT, instead of  being “high” we were actually the LOW PRICE, once you compare apples to apples. Our quotes will consist of one or all of the following 3 elements: Material, Labor and/or Freight. Both the email you receive and the attached quote will clearly identify which of those 3 elements are included in the quote. Please take the time to watch this brief video so that you can understand what our quotes consist of and avoid the mistake of paying too much for a project. 

How to Read Our Quotes

Curved Tube Steel Used on Timber Equipment

We recently completed a project consisting of 400 pieces of bent tube steel 4″ X 4″ X .375″ WALL A500 GR B for a customer on the east coast. All parts were cut and trimmed by Albina to a 1/16” tolerance. These bent parts will be used on equipment for the timber industry. 

Curved Tube Steel Used on Timber Equipment

Curved Aluminum for Rock Guard Frames

We recently completed a job bending some rock guard frames out of 1″ SCH80 6063-T52 Aluminum. Albina cut and bent the aluminum to net 500 pieces.  All of the pieces were bent on a 5″ center line radius. It was quite an amazing site to see them all packaged and ready for shipment in our yard!

Curved Aluminum for Rock Guard Frames
Curved Aluminum for Rock Guard Frames
Curved Aluminum for Rock Guard Frames

Curved Steel Tubing for Farming Equipment

We recently completed a great project where our bends will be used for various parts on high-end farming equipment. The bending project consisted of three different material types including:

Tube Steel 5″ X 5″ X .250″ WALL A500 GR B- Albina cut and bent material to net 108 pcs.

curved steel for high-end farming equipment-1

Tube Steel 5″ X 2″ X .250″ WALL A500 GR B- Albina cut and bent material to net 100 pcs.

curved steel for high-end farming equipment-2

Tube Steel 2″ X 2″ X .250″ WALL A500 GR B- Albina cut and bent material to net 403 pcs.

curved steel for high-end farming equipment-3


Candidate must have extensive steel fabrication and estimating (bidding) experience (a minimum 5 years’ experience). It would be ideal if the candidate has actual shop fabrication or bending experience as well. Candidate must be well connected in the bending and fabrication industry and have a strong reputation for customer service. High-level ability to use Geometry, Trigonometry, AutoCAD and computer based Excel spreadsheets.

Duties include: Read & interpret shop drawings to come up with bending and fabrication estimates. This candidate is responsible for all levels of the bid process as well as post-bid project management. Work with a team of estimators and project managers to initiate improvements in our current bid process and develop new standards / rules for estimating bending and fabrication.

Compensation DOE. 
This is NOT an entry-level position.

Please email or fax your resume Attn: HR Director: or 503-692-6020 (fax)

Curved Steel Seat Frames for Small Airplanes

We recently finished up some  Tube Steel ¾” X ¾” X .065″ WALL 6063-T52 ALUM bent into a double 90° configuration to a 3¼” inside radius. These curved steel parts will be used for seat frames on small airplanes. We do a number of parts for the aviation and aerospace industries including hydraulic lines, exhaust lines, exterior structural parts and interior support elements like the seat frames pictured below. 

Curved Steel Seat Frames for Small Airplanes-1
Curved Steel Seat Frames for Small Airplanes-2

Meet Brian and Jaime Smith-“Making Magic Happen”

We just returned from the happiest place on Earth (Disney World) and while we should be rested after 9 days of vacation, we are exhausted!!! Disney, just like everything else in our lives, involved strategic planning almost six months in advance just to ensure we could have a hot meal and ride the most popular rides. And even with all that planning and preparation, Jaime and I found ourselves constantly evaluating the efficiencies of the parks, the bottlenecks we faced, and how we thought Disney could improve the experience of park-goers. Don’t get me wrong, we had great family time, and Disney is one of the most successful companies around, but I think the lesson we took away from the trip is that even if we think we have things all figured out and are doing things the way we think you want them done, we can’t rest on our laurels and we need to be constantly evaluating how we can make your experience in doing business with us an enjoyable (and dare I say “magical”) one. 

On our trip, we were constantly on a roller coaster, jumping from one ride to the next, never a dull moment. That is the same feeling we have about how the spring is shaping up here at Albina Co. We have so many great and interesting projects going on right now! We are rockin’ & rollin’ on so many different types of material! So many industries…agricultural, structural, aerospace, mining, food processing, and so much more! Below are just a few projects we shipped out recently! 

Curved Steel Pipe for Bridge and Pedestrian Railings

We recently completed a project that consisted of rolling 6″ SCH40 A53B ERW to a 18″ center line radius. The project consisted of 54 pieces in total and in going to a company that specializes in bridge and pedestrian railings. 

Albina specializes in bending railings and handrails for commercial, recreational, transportation and residential applications. We can bend to customer specifications and we also have handrail kits available. We can bend and trim per drawing, trim and cope mid-rails, and assemblies can be supplied as individual parts or fabricated complete. 

6" Sch40 curved steel pipe for bridge railings-1
6" Sch40 curved steel pipe for bridge railings-3