Curved Steel Projects Heat Up!

The reemergence of the sunshine and warm weather in Oregon has seemed to also generate some very large Structural Steel, Plate, Pipe, Square and Rectangular tubing projects.  Many of these projects also include some supplemental fabrication work.  Supplemental fabrication projects typically involve bent materials that are then welded, drilled, trimmed, etc (i.e. value added services).  We provide these services to allow our customers (typically fabricators or manufactures) to cut one PO and not have to worry about processing secondary processes in their busy shops.  Albina has been proactive in our facility planning to allow for this surge of work.  We recently purchased another building that is being erected on our property.  This building will act as storage for work in process materials and projects.  Storing material outside our main facility will free up valuable manufacturing space for some of our massive summer / fall curved steel projects.  We are always trying to stay one step ahead of demand to continue to bring our customers the exceptional service they have grown accustomed to.

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