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Curved Steel for the Freyer-Newman Center at Denvers’ Botanical Gardens

Albina bent 40,000# of steel for the Freyer-Newman Center, home to Denvers’ Botanical Gardens. Albina bent 60 pieces of W8 X 31# A992 the hard way to a full scale layout. We also bent Tube Steel 8″ X 6″ X .500″ WALL A500 GR B the hard way and MC8 X 20# A36 the hard way. The Freyer – Newman Center is a LEED GOLD building, designed by Denver’s Davis Partnership Architects. The Center will house six classrooms; four galleries; new herbaria for vascular plants, mushrooms and slime molds; laboratories; a new library and a coffee shop, and is slated for completion this spring. Final install pictures coming soon!

Freyer Newman Center Denver Botanical Gardens
Freyer Newman Center Denver Botanical Gardens
Freyer Newman Center Denver Botanical Gardens

Curved Steel Roof Structure & Spiral Staircases Highlights of the Portside Pier Renovation in San Diego Bay

One of Southern California’s iconic, flagship waterfront restaurant sites – 1360 North Harbor Drive along the North Embarcadero, is getting a facelift! The Port of San Diego and The Brigantine, Inc. began construction in July 2018 to redevelop Portside Pier including introducing four new dining concepts and enhancing the panoramic views of San Diego Bay for daily visitors. Albina Co., Inc. provided 60,000 pounds of various bent materials for the unique curved roof structure as well as for two signature spiral staircases that leads from the dock to the second floor public walkway and viewing deck.

Portside Pier Curved Roof Structure
Portside Pier Curved WIde Flange/Beam Roof Structure
Portside Pier Curved Wide Flange/Beam Structure Enclosed

Materials bent by Albina Co., Inc. included:
TS 14″ X 6″ X .500″ WALL A500 GR B (6 pieces spiral bent the easy way as tight as a 17 ft plan view radius, 4 pieces bent the easy way as tight as a 17 ft inside radius).
TS 12″ X 6″ X .500″ WALL A500 GR B (8 pieces bent the easy way as tight as a 2’ 7” outside radius, 8 pieces spiral bent the easy way as tight as a 2’ 7” plan view radius).
TS 8″ X 8″ X .500″ WALL A500 GR B (84 pieces bent to various radii and configurations).
TS 18″ X 6″ X .375″ WALL A500 GR B (4 pieces bent the hard way).
W10 X 12# A992 (9 pieces bent the hard way).
W18 X 35# A992 (15 pieces bent the hard way).
W16 X 26# A992 (2 pieces bent the hard way).
W14 X 22# A992 (13 pieces bent the hard way).

Portside Pier Steel Spiral Staircase
Portside Pier Steel Spiral Staircase

Murray Park Amphitheater Rennovations Include Curved Steel Roof Structure

Albina bent 55,000# of wide flange W24 X 76# A992, W30 X 108# A992, W36 X 135# A992, W36 X 170# A992 for the Murray Park Amphitheater in Salt Lake City, Utah. Over a planning period that lasted several years, the city received input from patrons and citizens that focused on the needs and wants for improvements to the amphitheater. The largest improvement to the amphitheater was a curved steel roof over the stage and orchestra pit. “In the summer, we have microburst storms that roll in at around three or four in the afternoon and rain out events,” Sorenson said. “The stage can also get very hot, which limits what you can do in the afternoon. If we had a roof, we wouldn’t have to cancel. It would allow us to keep events running.” One of Albina Co., Inc.’s slogans over the years is “We’ve Got You Covered” and in this instance, we truly did! The wide flange was all bent the hardway to a radii range of approx. 90 ft – 100 ft. and it was all bending to AESS (Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel Standards).

Murray Park Amphitheater Curved Steel Roof Structure

Murray Park Amphitheater Curved Steel Roof

Curved Steel Roof Structure Creates Key Architectural Feature of “Serenity” Carmel, CA. Home

$11 million Carmel, California ‘Serenity’ house for sale! Back in 2012, Albina bent wide flange W12 x 30#, W12 x 26# and W12 x 50# to help create the amazing exterior of this home. We bent 42 pieces the hardway to various radii as tight as 116 feet. The 2667 square foot home sits atop a cliff in Carmel, in central California. The exterior takes inspiration for its curves from the butterfly. The curved steel of the exterior has a unique effect on the interior spaces, making for interesting corridors and seating areas. I have several images of the project in process below, and I am working on securing the listing images and will post them as soon as I can. Until then, click on the following link to enjoy looking at the stunning images of a Butterfly-Inspired House on the California Coast!

Curved Steel "Serenity" Home in Carmel, California

Curved Steel "Serenity" Home in Carmel, California

Curved Steel "Serenity" Home in Carmel, California

Need Curved Steel for a Bridge Project?

Bridge bending? Yes- we bend steel for anything, even bridges! In fact every month steel is leaving our yard for different steel bridge projects. We recently finished bending steel for two bridge projects located on opposite ends of the United States. The first project shipped to Maine and consisted of 12,000# of HSS (rectangular and square tubing). Sizes ranged from TS 8” x 8” x .375” wall to TS 14” x 14” x .375” wall. The second project located in California (a week later) was for 21,000# of W33 X 118# A992 bent the hard way. We can provide bending needs for east coast and west coast projects!

Curved Steel Wide Flange for the UC Health Highlands Ranch Hospital

Albina recently worked with a loyal customer out of Colorado on the UC Health Highlands Ranch Hospital. The new 85,000 square foot hospital is being built as a proactive approach to the projected 25%+ population increase by 2025 for this growing area of Colorado. Albina needed to bend and ship 40,000# of bent steel to meet a critical project schedule. Albina was able to finish and ship the project days before the required date, once again exceeding customer expectations!

The materials on this project consisted of:
W12 X 26# A992
W12 X 14# A992
W16 X 36# A992
W14 X 22# A992
W14 X 30# A992
W16 X 26# A992
W18 X 40# A992
W18 X 35# A992

All bent the Hard way!

Bending BIG Beams for the Murray Amphitheater in Murray, Utah

Got big beams to bend? Look no further than Albina Co., Inc.! We are just finishing up a beam bending project for the Murray Amphitheater in Murray, Utah. Murray Arts in the Park provides a summer full of artistic entertainment. The evening subscription series usually opens in late May and runs through Labor Day in the Murray Park amphitheater. This project consists of 55,000# of bent wide flange the hard way. All wide flange beams were bent to a radius that is tighter than 100 ft.

The list of beams consist of:
W24 X 76# A992
W30 X 108# A992
W36 X 135# A992
W36 X 170# A992

Albina will not shy away from any work (within our capacity) because it might be difficult to bend. We thrive on the difficult projects that others can’t do! Stay tuned for final installation pictures.

Bent Steel Tunnel Supports for an Arizona Customer

Albina can SUPPORT all of your steel bending needs. We were recently awarded a project to provide tunnel supports for a customer out of Arizona.
We are processing 40,000# of bent steel tunnel supports for this particular opportunity. The project is being bent out of 60 ft lengths of wide flange W8 X 67# A992. We are providing AESS quality bends for all 45 pieces we are supplying. Each bend is to an 11’ radius the hard way. If you need a steel bending company to SUPPORT your needs, look no further than Albina!

Industry Leader in Bending Large Structural Members the Hardway

Albina Co., Inc. is an industry leader in bending large structural members (such as Beam/Wide Flange and Channel) the hardway. Albina has the capacity to roll up to W36 x 230# the hardway and all mill sizes produced for channel. Bending the hardway simply means bending / curving material against the X-X axis. A hardway bent beam or channel section will have the curved web parallel to the ground when the structural member is lying flat on the ground. Bending beam/channel the hardway certainly poses problems and can result in poor quality bends not meeting ASTM-A6 standards. Common problems with bending beam/channel the hardway are waves in the web and/or flanges out of square or pulled away from the web. Albina has developed bending techniques and tooling that allow us to meet the highest quality standards when bending/rolling beams and channels. The next time you are in need of bent structural members (channel /beam) the hardway always be certain you are working with a company that has experience rolling the required size and shape. This will help you avoid any unexpected quality problems at time of receipt.