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Curved Steel at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles

Albina is currently working on 130,000 pounds of curved steel for the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures located in LA. Albina is bending Square Tube Steel 6″ X 6″ X .500″ WALL A500 GR B and Rectangular Tube Steel 7″ X 4″ X .500″ WALL A500 GR B (approx. 190 pcs in total to various radii and configurations). The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures will be the world’s premier film museum and a cultural institution for Los Angeles and will provide a destination for tourists to celebrate the magic and imagination of Hollywood and the movies. Check back for pictures as the project progresses.

LAX Midfield Satellite Concourse North Expansion

Do you like innovative and eye catching architecture? You should take a look at the new LAX Midfield Satellite Concourse North Project. This new project is part of an estimated $1.2 billion dollar modernization program at Los Angeles International Airport. The satellite concourse will be a remote facility initially served by an airport busing operation and a passenger access tunnel (PAX) connection to the Bradley West Terminal. The new MSC will permit greater flexibility in scheduling improvements at other facilities, reduce reliance on remote gates, and ensure a high level of service for LAX passengers.

Albina is partnering with Schuff Steel and is bending all of the steel for this project. There is over 1 million pounds of bent steel in this project consisting of curved HSS (Hallow Structural Steel) as well as structural steel members.

2017 NOMMA Membership Directory & Buyers Guide

The Buyers Guide is published annually by the National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association (NOMMA). They Buyers Guide is now available in print and online on the NOMMA website. Albina’s ad can be see opposite the inside back cover. In the ad, we feature one of the most difficult spiral stringer projects we have ever undertaken in the last 78 years. We recently spiral bent 20″ X 18″ rectangular tube steel down to a 7’7″ plan view radius and 20″ x 12″ rectangular tube steel down to a 13’9″ plan view radius for the Lakeside Campus in Richardson, Texas. Our induction heat source and increment bending method produces extremely tight spiral bends which all met AESS standards. Check out the most recent NOMMA Buyers Guide or see the pictures below to see the bends for yourself.

Steel Spiral Stringers Installed

Steel Spiral Stringers Installed

Steel Spiral Stringers for Heavy Weight Bearing Spiral Staircase

Steel Spiral Stringers for Heavy Weight Bearing Spiral Staircase

Perfect Planning and Execution

Albina rolled / bent a 60′ Length of HSS 16 X 4 X .500 A500 Gr. B tubular steel this morning. It was not the most challenging job on the whole, but we had no margin of error. A mill ordered 60′ length of material that was not easily replaceable and would have caused significant schedule delays for our customer if it didn’t work out. Rolled / Bent to a 12′ Radius the Easy Way with virtually zero distortion. Planning and teamwork at all levels resulted in another example of the best available result.

Albina is nearing completion on Fabrication of Bent Steel Bus Shelter Canopy for Santa Clara VTA

First article approval nearly complete on a 44′ X 13′ football shaped bus shelter canopy. The complete assembly includes various materials. The main canopy frame is assembled from Rolled / Bent Steel HSS members to AESS quality, and large diameter support columns with rolled / bent round tubing knee braces.

Spiral Staircase at American Girl Store in San Francisco, CA.

Albina Co., Inc. recently completed a spiral staircase at the American Girl store at the Standford Shopping Center in San Francisco, California. Albina rolled the stringers and railings out of various materials including:
TS 14″ X 4″ X .375″ WALL A500 GR B
2″ X 2″ X 3/16″ ANGLE A36
1½” OD X .120″ WALL HREW
FB 3/4″ X 2″ A36

spiral staircase, spiral stringers, spiral handrails

spiral staircase, spiral stringers, spiral handrails

spiral staircase, spiral stringers, spiral handrails

Albina Provides Rolled Steel Canopy and Exceptional Customer Service for St. Jude’s Hospital

Albina and Cundiff Steel Fabricating & Erecting provided 36,000# of TS 16″ x 8″ x .375″ wall, TS 16″ x 8″ x .500″ wall, TS 10″ x 8″ x .250″ wall, and TS 16″ x 16″ x .375″ wall all AESS for a canopy at St. Jude’s Hospital. Cundiff Steel had the following comments about working with Albina: ” I want to thank you guys for sticking with us on this project. It drug on for a long time and Aaron rebid it several times as we went through headache after headache with the engineers. I feel he went above and beyond to help us get this project on track. It took a lot of correspondence back & forth to get everything dialed in & Aaron was very helpful through all of it. The lead time from finally getting you approved drawings to us receiving the material was much less than we expected. Also, I appreciate the time Aaron took when I visited to show me the material and provide a tour of the facility to see how it all works. Thanks again for the great service.” CHARLIE PISCOPO, V.P. Operations Mngr, Cundiff Steel Fabricating & Erecting
stjude 002.

How HSS reacts to the bending process

Without some sort of internal support HSS material rolled / curved will result in a certain level of distortion. The faces of the material will try to concave, wrinkle and crush during the bending process.

HSS reacts to the bending process by collapsing inward as a result of compression across the horizontal faces and the inside face of the material.

Severity of deformation is increased when using thinner wall material and/or bending to tighter radii. Deformation of tube faces is also dependant on material sizes and direction of rolling (i.e. the Hard-way or the Easy-way) when bending rectangular tube steel.

The inside face will deform more significantly when bending rectangular material the Easy-way versus the Hard-way. The outside face of the material will always deform the least regardless of bend direction. In extreme cases, certain faces may not only collapse inward, but can result in alternating inward and outward collapsing as larger wrinkles throughout the bend section.

Albina Pipe Bending Co., Inc. has implemented an internal support system that reduces concavity, minimizes distortion, allows for tighter radii and reduced deformation and twist. By filling the void in tube steel’s interior, internal support restricts the amount that material can collapse, resulting in greatly reduced deformation using thinner walls to tighter radii when compared to materials bent without internal support. Internal Support is designed to provide higher quality bends to the end user by meeting your Architecturally Exposed needs.

Albina Pipe Bending Co., Inc. feels strongly that bending options must be supplied to an end user. It is critical for end users to understand that increasing the wall thickness is a solution BUT NOT the only solution if you demand high quality HSS bends. It is important to Albina to provide customers with cost effective solutions by providing a number of bending options (i.e. roll bending with or without internal support, cold increment bending and hot increment bending) resulting in various end products.