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Curved Stainless Steel Artwork at Camelback Commons Building

We recently completed a unique curved stainless steel art project for Camelback Commons in Arizona. Albina Co., Inc. bent 8 pieces of 3″ SCH40 T304 Stainless Steel. All parts were bent to a full scale layout and all points needed to be hit +/-½”. The tightest radius was a 36” centerline. Camelback Commons are multi-level buildings with an open atrium for businesses as well as apartments, just walking distance from the high-dollar Arizona Biltmore. Photo Credit: Creative Machines., Inc.

Curved Stainless Steel Artwork at Camelback Commons
Camelback Commons Curved Stainless Steel Artwork

The Spheres Announced “Outstanding Project” Award Winner in 22nd Annual NCSEA Excellence in Structural Engineer Awards

The National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA) recently announced the 2019 Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards in the December issue of Structure Magazine. The Rufus 2.0 Spheres in Seattle, WA. Was awarded the “Outstanding Project” for New Buildings $20 Million to $100 Million. We worked with some of our amazing partners in the PNW on this project! Albina’s portion included bending 750,000# and 1,050 pieces of rectangular tube steel bent the easy way and a portion bent off-axis for this project. Almost 8 miles of welding work and grinding was avoided because of Albina’s ability to bend a portion of the project. Almost NO correction was needed during fabrication or erection as the bends fit to the fixtures within 1/32nd of an inch!

The Spheres Seattle, Washington


The color of the season around here is Red! Usually you wouldn’t want to have the color red associated with a small business (ha!), but the signature red color we are seeing a lot of this season is our new DAVI MAV Variable Geometry K30 2-1/2” x 10 ft plate roll! The machine arrived in our shop a few weeks ago and will be up an operational by 12/31! This is our gift to you as this machine will drastically increase our capacity for plate rolling and we are excited about the opportunity to bid your plate rolling needs!
The overall capacity for standard A36 plate is 10 ft x 2½”. For higher yield material (example 60 ksi) the machine can pre-bend and roll the following examples:

  1. 10 ft x 1 5/8″ thick to a 61″ outside diameter.
  2. 9 ft x 1 3/4″ thick to a 96″ outside diameter.
  3. 10 ft x 3/4″ thick to a 30″ inside diameter.
 DAVI MAV Variable Geometry K30 2-1/2” x 10 ft plate roll
DAVI MAV Variable Geometry K30 2-1/2” x 10 ft plate roll

With 2019 wrapping up, we also wrap up our 80th year in business. What an amazing accomplishment. Most businesses are not fortunate enough to see this type of longevity. 2019 has been a strong year for Albina where we have seen our national “footprint” expand into states where we were not previously providing bent materials. I think it is safe to say that Albina has a presence in almost every state in the US, which is a tremendous accomplishment for a company that started as a small, local shop. We would not be where we are at as a company without the efforts and dedication of the Albina team who strive to exceed your expectations in quality workmanship, on-time delivery, customer service, communication, equipment and procedures. We are so very fortunate for the amazing customers and vendors we work with as well. You make coming to work every day a pleasure. We are looking forward to 2020 and all the new opportunities and unique jobs we hope to work on together!  

Meet Brian and Jaime Smith
Happy Holidays from Brian & Jaime Smith, and Family

FINAL INSTALLATION PICTURE: Rare Curved Aluminum Material Creates Overhead Canopy at Pacific Plaza in Dallas, TX.

We were fortunate enough to be part of a unique urban renewal project in Dallas, Texas this year. We bent 30 lengths of 12″ SCH40 (.406″ WALL) 6061-T6 Aluminum material, a VERY rare material to get out of a mill, that were used to help create a unique overhead structure at the Pacific Plaza Pavilion in Downtown Dallas, Texas. Pacific Plaza is part of an urban renewal project transforming surface parking lots into neighborhood parks. Albina Co., Inc. bent, trimmed and marked top dead center on all parts. Material was bent to AESS standards and very tight tolerances.

Curved Aluminum Canopy at the Pacific Plaza Pavilion in Downtown Dallas, Texas
Pacific Plaza Pavilion in Dalas, TX.