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“Student Experience Center” Curved Steel Canopy at Oregon State University

The college tours continue and a few weekends ago, we had the pleasure of visiting Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon and seeing the curved steel canopy at the Student Experience Center.

Student Experience Center Curved Steel Canopy Oregon State University

The project was bent out of TS 20″ X 12″ X .500″ WALL. Bent the hard-way to the tightest radius of 101′-8″ inside. Always fun to see our handy work in person!

Curved Steel at New Skate Park: “It is So Fun to Drop In!”

“It is so fun to drop in!” Sherwood Skate Park just opened and it is awesome! Filled with kids every day! Albina was thrilled to be a part of the project bending 4 lengths x 20 ft. Tube Steel 2″ X 2″ X .188″ WALL A500 GR B to a 42 ft radius and a 46 ft radius, as well as 3 lengths x 21 ft.: 2″ SCH40 A53B ERW bent to a 12 ft radius and a 5 ft radius, for the lip/rail that runs the perimeter of the park as well as for the benches kids sit and skate on.

skatepark rails
skatepark benches
skatepark rails

Updated Pictures of Basher Pedestrian Bridge at the San Diego Zoo

The August Issue of Modern Steel featured an article titled “What’s Cool In Steel” and one project highlighted was the Basher Pedestrian Bridge at the San Diego Zoo (pages 23-26). Albina Co., Inc. was the bender/roller on this project. Materials rolled for this project included 24 lengths, each measuring 48 feet long, of 16” OD X .0625”  wall tubing rolled to various radii including a 20 foot radius, a 50 foot radius and a 350 foot radius. Check out the pictures below and read the article for more detailed information on the fascinating curved steel bridge.

Spiral Staircases at the Newly Renovated Space Needle

Albina Co. Inc. bent the spiral staircases at the newly renovated Space Needle in Seattle, Washington. The Space Needle’s rotating glass floor, dubbed “The Loupe”, is located just below the open-air observation deck and Albina Co., Inc. was the steel bender/roller for the custom spiral staircases connecting the two areas. Albina Co., Inc. bent 1″ thick x 13 ¼” wide A572 GR 50 to yield three 180″ pieces and three 144″ pieces of rolled plate and 1″ thick x 10-13/16″ wide A572 GR 50 to yield one 80″ piece of rolled plate. We also bent tube steel 10″ x 6″ x .625″ WALL A500 GR B to a 11’ 6” inside plan view radius (the easy way). 

Space Needle Spiral Staircase at "The Loupe"
Backside view of spiral staircase at the Space Needle
People walking on the spiral staircase at the Space needle
the space needle

Curved Steel Roof at the M-Car Wash in Davie, Florida

Albina recently completed a great project for a curved steel roof at the M-Car Wash in Davie, Florida

Materials bent for this project included Tube Steel 10″ X 4″ X .250″ WALL A500 GR B yielding 3 pieces. Albina cut the material to length, prepped and primered each piece. Tube Steel 10″ X 4″ X .375″ WALL A500 GR B- yielding 12 pieces bent the hard way.  Albina’s scope of work was to bend, trim, holes, weld caps and grind per drawings.  NOMMA #1 finish welds.  Prep and prime paint after fabrication.  Exposed. We also bent 3″ SCH40 A500 GR B to yield 15 assemblies.  Albina Cut, Fit, weld and grind per drawings.  NOMMA #1 finish.  Prep and Prime after fabrication.

Curved Steel Roof M-Wash Davie, Florida
Curved Steel Roof M-Wash Davie, Florida