Stainless Steel Pipe Bending of Small Parts for Manufacturing Application

We recently completed a very difficult job in which we bent 3″ OD X .065″ WALL T304 Stainless Steel POLISHED, 2½” OD X .065″ WALL T304 Stainless Steel POLISHED, and 1/2″ OD X .065″ WALL T304 Stainless Steel Polished for a manufacturing customer. The really tight bends in the picture below are elbows (butt-weld fittings) that are purchased off the shelf at a pipe supply house. The bends we did are the larger radii bends. Albina is a reliable vendor when it comes to producing bent parts for manufacturing applications. When applicable, we can provide same day and/or shutdown services which is a huge plus for customers that rely on equipment running 24 hours a day. Albina is also qualified to process NQA-1 work for certified NQA-1 shops.

Bent Steel Parts for Manufacturing Application

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