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Spiral Staircase

A Spiral Staircase is created when the bend in the Steel Stringer occurs in a plan view with rise in elevation. If you are an architect or engineer and wonder Why Choose Curved Steel, refer to our website for more information.

A Spiral Staircase can also be produced using various other Specialty Bending techniques:

Albina has been involved in the design, bending and fabrication of several high profile Spiral Staircase projects including:

  1. Capitol Visitors Center Washington, DC.
  2. US District Courthouse Salt Lake City, UT.
  3. Thomas Jefferson School of Law San Diego, CA.

You can have your Spiral Staircase tailor made to suit your personal taste and style. Albina can work with the following structural steels:

  • Angle
  • Wide flange
  • I-beams
  • Square tubing
  • Rectangular tubing
  • Channel
  • Bar
  • Round Pipe
  • Round Tube