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Spiral Bending

Albina has mastered the craft of Spiral bending in addition to Circular, Helical, and other Compound Bending techniques. When many people think of spiral structures the first thing they think of is Spiral Stairs. but spiral stairs are not the only structures spiral bending can be used for.

A spiral bending service provider can be contacted to produce the following:

  1. Modern Art Sculptures-- If you can imagine it and it is made of metal then it can be achieved. Albina has helped architects, engineers, and divisions of national and city government to create beautiful and unusual structures.
  2. Playground Equipment-- Albina produces spiral climbers, arch caps and basketball standards, plus much more.
  3. Architectural Masterpieces--There are architectural structures that stand out because of their unique look. Albina has been a part of the design and construction of unique architectural structures such as:
    • Bridges
    • Airport Canopies
    • Store Fronts
    • Entry-Ways
    • Spiral Staircases
    • Curved Roofs

Albina has been in business for the past seventy years and has proven through extensive research and development to be the spiral bending expert in the steel industry.